Walt Disney World Trip - June 2006
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Outside The Pop Century Resort.  We stayed in the 50's area. (58kb) At Animal Kingdom (61kb) We don't want to work!  We just want to bang on a drum all day! (61kb) The Tree of Life - Disney's Animal Kingdom (61kb) On the Kilamanjaro Safari (60kb) Wild Animals (62kb)
This is a Gazelle (63kb) Close up of the Gazelle (62kb) Wildebeest in background (61kb) More Wildebeest (63kb) Look at them Horns! (61kb) This Elephant was peeing. (60kb) This Elephant wasn't peeing. (61kb)
More Elephants. (61kb) A Yellow Bird in Nest. (61kb) Wood Duck (63kb) More Wood Ducks (62kb) This is my National Geographic Shot.  African Rainforest, or Disney? (61kb) Meerkat (60kb) Camera shy. (60kb)
Silverback Gorilla.  Was eating leaves off the stick in it's mouth. (61kb) Silverback-side Gorrila (60kb) Monitor Lizard (61kb) Lizard sunning. (60kb) Fox Bats (60kb) Just hanging around. (60kb) Rechette's Hip Cart.  Outside Pop Century Resort. (59kb)
Herbie at the Stunt Show Spectacular.  MGM Studios. (60kb) More Herbie. (61kb) Car chase scene. (61kb) Herbie stunt double. (60kb) Aerosmith Groupie.  Rock n Roller Coaster - MGM Studios (60kb) In the Driver's Seat, and on the Phone. Kenny and the Kids have too much fun at Disney.