St. Augustine - June 2006
Ponce De Leon Hotel (Flagler College) and Fort Mantanza
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Here I am standing Outside The Ponce DeLeon Hotel, now Flagler College. (59kb) Here's Chet at the entrance to the College. (60kb) Inside the College Dining Room. (60kb) Balcony sitting.  Inside the Dining room of the College. (60kb) Ceiling light of the Dining Room. (58kb) Stained glass and ceiling in the Dining Room. (60kb)
Another image of the windows near the ceiling of the Dining Room. (61kb) The Ceiling has images of each sign of the Zodiac.  This is mine, Scorpio. (59kb) The ceiling Zodiac Image of Chet's sign, Virgo (top of diamond). (56kb) Arriving to Fort Mantanza via boat. (59kb) Docking at the Fort.  Our guide awaits. (59kb) Looking out from inside the Fort. (60kb)
Here we are with our guide.  The temps were in the 90's, and this guy is wearing a wool uniform. (58kb) This is how we got up to the top of the Fort.  It was a tight fit for me. (61kb) On the lookout for Pirates. (56kb) Chet stands guard. (60kb) My name is Rob, and I enjoy being by the water. (58kb)