Thanks for sending Flat Stanley to spend time here in Miami. I'll let you know what we did while he was here. Look at the photos by clicking this.

First, I took him to work and introduced him to my friends. He came to work with me, and rode the Train for a few days in my backpack.

He was here while the Miami baseball team, The Florida Marlins, played in the playoffs and the World Series Championship. The Marlins won the Championship, and I took Stanley to the victory parade. I also fit him with a World Series Championship T-shirt. You can see it on him in the photo. I think Grandma has the shirt. If you want it, let her know. Grandma took him to meet the Marlins mascot, Billy the Marlin.

He came with Grandma and I to a Miami Dolphins football game, and stayed in my short's pocket as I jumped in and out of my seat during the game. The Dolphins didn't win, but it was an exciting game.

You know how much I like car racing, and I was able to drive my Jeep on the Homestead-Miami speedway. I brought Stanley, and he rode on the dashboard as I drove around the track. We went as fast as 80 mph, and I had to put a small book on Stanley to keep him from flying off. I also took a photo of him in front of an entrance gate. A few weeks later, when the NASCAR race was there, it was a busy place.

He came with Pop Pop and I as we watched the big NASCAR race last Sunday. Outside the track, there were other racecars. You will see Stanley got to see them all. As he was sitting on the Funnycar Engine, a woman came up to me and asked if he was Flat Stanley. I didn't know he was so popular. He also got to see a Monster Truck, an Indycar, and a racecar just like the ones we saw racing on the track.

Thanks again for sending him. I enjoyed showing him around some places in Miami.

Love, Uncle Rob