Exotic Drink Recipes

These all came from He/mazing Newsletter. I subscribed a few years ago.
So Co Kamikaze Lusty Lisa Orange Warthog Anti-Freeze Hawaiian Cocktail Robitussin
(Whoopee) In The Desert Banana Milk Shake (Non-Alcoholic) The Hairy Navel, Fuzzy Navel, Sex On The Beach The Highball Melon Ball, Pearl Harbor Bye Bye Bahamas
Black and White Russians The Cobra The Manhattan Frozen Mudslide The Cosmopolitan The Black Orchid
Woo-Woo! Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers Rob Roy The Jim Bloody Mary Planter's Punch
Tequila Sunrise Scarlett O'Hara Vodka Gimlet Midori (Melon) Martini Godfather Or Godmother Belgian Ice Tea
Snickers Bar The Slammer A Party Punch Grand Mimosa Sangria For Tailgating Washington Cocktail
Kamikaze Skip & Go Naked
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