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I finished Harry Potter, and now I'm continuing A Clockwork Orange. Remember, use the email link to share your latest read, and any review on the books I've read. Thanks!

A Clockwork Orange

by: Anthony Burgess

This is the 1986 re-published edition of the original. As I discovered when reading the Author's introduction, the original American Edition omitted the final chapter. One reason the editor gave for dropping the chapter was that Americans are tough, and could handle a raw ending. It was this American Edition, Stanley Kubrick used for his film. The edition I'm reading is called the British/World Edition. The only addition from the original is the introduction by the Author, A Clockwork Orange Resucked.

From the Author, A Clockwork Orange is defined as, "the application of a mechanistic morality to a living organism oozing with juice and sweetness."

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